Why I Am Running

Jared Carman

I am a small business owner, not a career politician.

I am a consistent, conservative Republican.

I am running to protect family and freedom in the Utah House.

I have worked for years with Representative Mike Kennedy and others to pass bills that respect family and freedom, and push back on bills that do not. 

I am not looking for power or money. Our campaign is funded by our family, friends, and others who live intentionally to protect our freedoms.

I am running because our family is in a phase of life where we have the ability and means to serve.

I am running  because we need someone who will stand firmly for what is right, while listening to everyone.

I am running to serve for a time, then pass the torch for someone else to take a turn.

I love God, family, and our country. As we continue to stand together I know we can continue to make a difference for our children and grandchildren.


Please consider donating--it is appreciated!

We are printing mailers, giving out yard signs, and making new friends as we go door to door.

Your support makes a difference!