I am honored to receive the endorsements of:

  • Leaders of pro-family and pro-life groups here in Utah.
  • The NRA (highest "AQ" rating).
  • Teachers & administrators (public, private, charter, home schools).
  • Small business owners.
  • 2nd Amendment supporters.
  • Active, engaged citizens of Highland/Alpine/Cedar Hills/District 27.

I am grateful for the support of local elected leaders (current and former).

I am humbled to stand with hundreds of parents, grandparents, and freedom-loving individuals here in our community, who have donated time, money, or yard space to this effort. Many thanks!

Video Endorsement: 

Debora Fletcher

Author, International Advocate for the Family

Video Endorsement

Deanna Holland

Leader in the Utah Pro-Life movement

"There aren't enough people like Jared who run for office. Jared is vigilant, honest, and knows how to make the case for conservative values. I wholeheartedly support him and encourage anyone who loves proper oversight in government to support him as well."

         --Casey Voeks,  Utah County Republican Party Chair (2013-2015) 

"Jared knows what is needed for freedom to flourish. I wholeheartedly support Jared and I look forward to what his leadership will bring to Utah."

         --Jenny Baker, Founder, Gathering Families

"One of the most powerful things about Jared is how well he teaches. Not only does he teach, but he lives what he teaches."   

         --Deborah Fletcher, author, international advocate for the family

"Jared Carman stands tall among that class of Americans who understand that the role of government is to protect individual liberty."

         --Steven Shreeve, Precinct Chair

"We need legislators on Capitol Hill that will stay true to the principles and values that make this country great.  Jared Carman is the candidate who will vote according to constitutional standards." 

         --Deanna Holland, Utah pro-life leader

"Jared is a man of integrity.  One of the things that really impresses me is how he follows up by going to state capitol and advocating for parents. I trust Jared to fight for my rights as a parent and to help in protecting the freedoms of my children. Jared has proven he is willing to stand up for our liberty and he has my vote."

         --Robert Hammond, County Delegate

"Jared is an exceptional example of what a statesman looks like."

         --Autumn Cook, Freelance writer and journalist


Angela Johnson, Cedar Hills Precinct Chair

Autumn Cook, Utah County freelance journalist

Brent Wallace, County Delegate

Casey Voeks, Utah County Republican Party Chair (2013-2015)

Deanna Holland, Utah pro-life leader

Devirl Barfuss, Precinct Vice Chair

Greg Williams, college head wrestling coach

Helene Pockrus, engaged Highland citizen

Jenny Baker, Founder, Gathering Families

Julie Sessions, Cedar Hills County Delegate


Kevin Braddy, Utah County Republican Party Vice-chair  (2013-2015)

Kristen Chevrier, Precinct Vice-chair

Kristin Williams, High School Principal 

Lars Anderson, County Delegate


Merrilee Boyack, Author, speaker, family advocate

Oak Norton, Education Advocate

Renee Braddy, Kindergarten teacher

Robert Hammond, County Delegate

Steven Shreeve, Precinct Chair

Wendy Hart, local school board member

...and hundreds more residents of District 27.