About Jared

Jared Carman is a principled, conservative Republican. He was born in Seattle, WA, and has lived in Utah for 32 of his 48 years. He has also lived in the East (Connecticut, Ohio), the South (Arizona), and the South Pacific (Tahiti, French Polynesia). Jared and Denise have been married 24 years, have five children, and have lived in Highland, Utah for the last 12 years.

  • INNOVATION. Jared is a business owner in the learning technology field, with a 25-year history of innovation and institutional improvement. He holds three technology patents and has delivered millions of hours of e-learning to individuals and organizations worldwide.

  • HERITAGE. Like his tenth-great-grandfather, William Bradford, Jared has a love of freedom. From an early age he learned the value of our Constitution. As a youth during the Reagan era, Jared learned the importance of small government, free markets, and trust in God.

  • PUBLIC SERVICE. Jared knows the legislative process. For years he has  worked closely with state Rep Mike Kennedy and others to draft and support bills that strengthen the family, and oppose bills that do not. Jared served a four-year term on the Utah State Instructional Materials Commission, making it possible for thousands of teachers and families to make informed decisions about literature and textbooks.

  • ELECTED OFFICES. Jared has served as precinct vice-chair, state delegate, and county delegate.

  • EDUCATION. Jared holds an M.S. (Instructional Technology) from the USU School of Education and a B.S. (Psychology) from BYU.

Jared  is equally at home working with parents, teachers, engaged citizens, small business owners, and legislators. Jared loves classical art and books, and watching the sunlight hit Lone Peak every morning.


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